About Us


NEO SUPER MASS (NSM) is a company that understands the challenges and complexity of today’s financial world and modern economy. Established in 2005, the Company functions as a holding entity that focuses on providing quality management services on wealth strategy and advice. NSM provides guidance to our subsidiaries that are principally engaged in the diversification towards investment advisory services, financial industry consultation, financial investing platform (FinTech) and targeted advice to improve managed funds operations.

We also have a substantial presence in the consultation industry providing technical support where our subsidiaries have developed products which are capable of conducting technology handling systems, automated reviewing of financial investment in management systems, automated aggregator integration systems and clean room Class 1 intelligence with ultra-micro speed trading systems.

NSM operates a well-diversified financial business whose exposure to the financial sector received a significant boost after the Company's acquisition in 2017. We are an Australian-based entity with operational bases in China, New Zealand and the Philippines.


NSM aims to be an investment holding company that delivers superior returns to our investors. We strive to establish a solid reputation for excellence, premised on responsible and sustainable investment practices that not only provide sterling returns to our investors, but also enhance the foundations of Australia's financial sector and economy at large. We believe that meaningful growth can only be achieved when our stakeholders grow alongside us, every step of the way.

Here at NSM, our mission is the guiding principle that govern what we stand for and how we conduct business. Hence, we strive to deliver on our strategic intent and values by:

  1. Being attuned to changing market dynamics and having systems and processes in place that enable quick adaptations to our offerings.
  2. Embracing technological innovations to stay on the cutting edge.
  3. Pursuing ethical and sustainable investment strategies that maximise value delivery to our investors.

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