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At NSM, our team of professionals have a wealth of experience in the field of commercial and business finance and understand the internal workings of lenders. As a commercial and business finance broker, we are accredited with all major banks and several specialist commercial/business lenders. Success in negotiation of commercial and business finance is largely based on experience and strong relationships built over many years, and hence this is where our strength lies.

The Service we offer include:

The saying goes that "failing to plan is the same as planning to fail". This critical area of business management can often be mishandled. Whether you have one business unit or hundreds of cost/profit centres, we can assist you.

We can establish industry benchmarks and measure your performance against them and procced to setting up appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on your critical financial and non-financial business drivers.

We can negotiate on your behalf, advise on any taxation consequences and liaise with lawyers on contractual issues.

When business performance is a major problem, we can quickly assess where the business really stands, what immediate and longer-term recovery actions should occur and if recovery is not possible, recommend actions that may reduce exposure to non-business assets.

We can assist with all aspects of project management such as the implementation of a new general ledger, review of systems and procedures to achieve improved efficiency, minimise overhead and operating cost or perhaps the implementation of a new business stream.

We can undertake short, medium and long-term planning, evaluate competitor and market analysis and design internal organisational structures and roles.

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