What We Do

What We Do

NSM is helmed by a team of seasoned and highly qualified fund managers and venture capitalists whose skill sets were sharpened and reinforced through the recent Global Financial Crisis of 2008/09.

This depth of experience ensures that the Company's strong emphasis on delivering exceptional value with integrity to investors can be uphold based on the philosophy that underpins the way we define, develop and deliver our value propositions on the international stage.

To this end, NSM strives to provide a diversified array of funds and investment opportunities that our global investor base can tap on by taking either a 'funds purchase' or 'venture capitalist' approach, buying into assets that provide good dividend yields and strong potential for capital appreciation.

We presently favour assets in economic sectors such as metal and mineral, consumer goods (cyclical and non-cyclical), media, retail, oil and gas, diversified financial products and healthcare. These funds or investments may also utilise financial instruments such as derivatives or 'covered call options' on an index or a security to profit from potential spikes in volatility.

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